...а сейчас я спою вам очень поучительную песенку о мальчике Бобби, который очень любил (ке-ке-ке)... любил деньги!.

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Steve Richardson left Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence a note.

11:29pm May 12th, 2009

We need to eliminate guns from civilian ownership.

My cousin Bobby was a victim of gun violence. He was only 20 and full of life before he was shot by a civilian gun owner. Now he'll never grow up, and the rest of us will miss him the rest of our lives.

He'd been dealt a few bad cards in life, but he was a good boy and didn't really mean anything by what he did. He got into a few scraps and did some time in foster homes when he was younger. Nothing really serious, just kid stuff, some break-ins and one or two fights that the local prosecutor tried to make a big deal out of. He had a hard time of it, couldn't really hold down a job in this economy, and got mixed up in some drugs and meth. But he was a great kid, always ready to help out, with a great laugh when he was up to some prank.

One night he was lost and went into the wrong house thinking it was his. The homeowner was some kind of Rambo type with a handgun, completely unlicensed. He claimed Bobby had a knife, but that was just his pocket knife

Перевод можно прочесть у Попенкера в уютненьком.

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  1. Может и fake, но мне тут внезапно вспомнился демократический сенатор Чак Шумер (Chuck Schumer) который, будучи ярым борцом со свободой владения оружием, также является обладателем лицензии города Нью-Йорка на ношение оружия, в дополнение к вооруженной охране, оплачиваемой налогоплательщиками.

  2. Ну он же не быдло, быдло должно стоять в стойле.

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