Есть в Перу вулкан...

By , 23.04.2010 9:06

Huynaputina (Quechua: Young Volcano, Huynaputina) is a stratovolcano located in a volcanic upland in southern Peru. The volcano does not have an identifiable mountain profile, but instead has the form of a large volcanic crater. It has produced high-potassium andesite and dacite.[2] On 19 February 1600, it exploded catastrophically (Volcanic Explosivity Index—or VEI—6), in the largest volcanic explosion in South America in historic times.


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  1. здорово.

    Надо будет съездить, посмотреть.

    Жаль, что таблички с названием вулкана там скорее всего нет, хорошая фотография получилась бы.

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